“Maxwell sees things his own way. He is pure, innocent, sensitive and he has his own style. Right from the beginning, we could recognize his touch. To me, he’s a true artist.”
– Charles Bitton

How it all started

Native of Montreal, Maxwell Bitton is a painter of 25 years old with autism. In 2011, during a computer science class, a teacher of the Giant Steps School Ross White discovered young Maxwell Bitton’s hidden talent. On an iPad, the young man drew a Pinocchio that was about to change the course of his life.

How it all started

His World

Soon after, captivated by his son’s gift, Maxwell’s dad decided to encourage him to develop his art in subscribing him to painting classes with the professional painter Lucie Chicoine. In october 2014, was his first solo exhibit « Son monde / his world » which some of the profits were donated to the Giant Steps School foundation.

Fragility & Poetry

As a sensitive soul, he invites us to share his vision of the world and to open to his universe. 
The discovery of the unknown shapes and colors is at the origin of his art.

With either the use of a brush or his fingers, different techniques create a pictorial records,
which sways between fragility and poetry.
Maxwell Bitton paints with the purity and innocence of a child that’s not seeking to please,
but with the technique and style of a professional artist.
With painting, Maxwell found his voice.


Maxwell works in collaboration with several artists such as Lucie Chicoine, Paul Bourgault and Danielle Marleau. Contact us for more information.

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